Endless War 3 Cheats

Looking for some useful Endless War 3 cheats and advice? I can hardly blame you because that game has several levels that very hard to beat! Even if you can come up with the best possible strategy the enemies often make it very hard to execute that strategy to its fullest which often results in one failing a level. So, how can you increase the chances of winning this game? To be honest there are no cheat codes or hidden weapons of mass destruction, but there are certain glitches that you can exploit to make your weapons more powerful.

Endless War 3 Hints and Tips

Before we move on to those glitches let us review some of the hottest tips about the game. If you try these out maybe it will be enough to beat those difficult levels and you will not have to bother with exploiting glitches or game bugs of any sort. The first thing to consider is that you can always unlock all of the weapons the game has to offer. Just go to the menu and you will find the checkbox for this option easily. Just check it and you will now have a great choice of weapons at the start of each level. Choose the ones that are best for your situation and then rock the house!

Another thing to note is that at the start of the level you should stay put and find cover. The game is a bit slow at the start of each level and putting yourself out there right from the start will put you in a lot of danger. It is best you wait till most of your allies and enemies have killed each other and then continue your advance. Pick off your enemies one by one and if possible bait them to come out into the open. You can press Q to give out commands to your allied soldiers and use them to get cover fire or as human shields as you storm inside an enemy building and eliminate all hostiles. And now, on to the Endless War 3 cheats!

Weapons Glitch in Endless War 3

While in the mission briefing screen you will get a chance to choose the weapons you want to use for a particular mission. Start off by getting the rocket launcher for your first weapon. After this you should get theflare gun as your second weapons of choice. Along with this choose fragmentation bombs. Now, this isn’t a glitch, but the combination of these weapons will truly make you unstoppable! The rocket launcher should be used to kill of groups of enemies from a distance while you can use the flare gun for close-range targets. Remember that rockets can pass through certain obstacles and you can throw them into a building through a window!

Another Endless War 3 cheat that you can try is to spam the R key and create mixed weapons. So, for example you can get the mini-gun along with the M79 as your weapons. Once this is done (grenades are not important) you should just how down R while pressing the number 1. Once you release R you will have a powerful M79 that has 300 shots along with the speed of a mini-gun!