Endless War 5

Do we all remember the time when we would go out and play war with our friends using only sticks falling from the trees in autumn? We would hide in the bushes and “ra-ta-ta-ta-ta” the enemy troops? Remember that? Well, Endless War 5 isn’t exactly like that, but since we are seeing the fifth installment from this franchise that can only mean one thing – this game just has to be great!


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The one word that I said just as I opened a game for the first time was: “Wow!” I mean, how is it possible that this game evolved so much from the, not only first, but previous edition? The soundtrack is awesome and the intro is so amazing and flashy that it almost gave me a seizure (in a good way). Ithas phenomenal graphics and the menus transformed into something so different – that’s the Endless War we have been waiting for!


Another interesting difference is that you will find yourself controlling a tank instead of a little circle (that used to represent a soldier in previous releases). This whole game just breathes something new, something different, and if I may notice, no one expected that. Controls are a little more realistic as well as the graphics and the whole environment in the game. This game has certainly changed and the official statement is that it will never be the same!

Endless War 5 New Gameplay Features


I have seen and heard a lot of different opinions regarding the changes that were put into effect. Some of the players liked what was happening, and some of them were more into the old-fashioned “soldiering” instead of driving the vehicles. I have sympathy for them because of one very important reason – the difficulty. Yes, who would have thought? The people that had been eager to play this were now “rage quitting” during the second level because it was just too hard for them. I mean, that is the second level and you get killed in a second. Vitaly Zaborov made a game that was so exciting in the beginning but hideous before the fun even started.


On the bright side, for those who actually finished that crazy level, there is a nice vehicle upgrade system which works just about fine – it is a nice edition for the ones with the mighty fingers and Zen minds. The graphics are of course always there and they complement the game well. There is also a better storyline to the game now and you might be familiar with some of the battlefields from history class.


All in all, my personal opinion is that this could have been one of the greatest flash games – shooters, if it saved the gameplays from the previous games, and kept the great visuals and music of the new edition. If the developer continued doing his previous thing, but stepped it up in the modern direction, this could have been a forerunner to something original and fresh in the world of flash shooters. Endless War 5 is certainly a good game, and if you don’t mind a difficult challenge then feel free to give it a shot!